• Larissa Davies

Things to look out for when trying to find a professional dog walker or pet sitter..

When trying to find a dog walker or pet sitter, it can be quite stressful. As a dog owner, I know my main worries would be..

  • Will they give my pet the love and care that I do?

  • Are they reliable?

  • Are they trustworthy?

  • If my dog doesn't walk Well off lead will they treat him any different, get frustrated with him or loose him?

  • Can they protect my dog from being attacked or hurt by another dog?

  • How much will it cost me?

The list goes on!

Here is a list of things to look out for when choosing the best care for your furbaby! Firstly you want to know whether they are local to you..if they are within a 3 mile radius, they are more likely to be reliable with timings, a good quality walk for the specified time you want and consistent.

Is the dog walker or pet sitter DBS checked? It isn't essential for them to be DBS checked but from my point of view as a pet owner and a person who works with animals, I would personally recommend that it is a good starting point. They are entering our homes and looking after our furbabies, so we need to feel trust in them.

Is your pet sitter or dog walker insured? Insurance is vital if you are looking for a professional to take care of your pet. It shows that they are running a professional business and it protects you and your pet.

Is your pet sitter or boarder licenced? A licence is only required for a sitter or boarder who has your pet/pets in their own home. Dog walkers or pet sitters that take care of your pet in your home and out for walks in the community do not need to hold a licence. This will have been done via your local council and you are within your rights to ask to see their licence. Also if the sitter or boarder doesn't allow you to visit their home prior to your pet going there, alarm bells are ringing.



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