• Larissa Davies

Paws for thought..meal time success! 🥕🍗🥩🐕

For a long time, my dog suffered with ear infections, skin infections & paw soreness. It turned out to be an allergy to food so we tried every food we possibly could to help him..it either stopped one thing but still had others or gave him a really bad tummy and still all his reactions! Someone recommended Butternut Box food for him to try because it's all natural and customised to your pets needs! I cannot reccomend it enough and the difference it made was amazing! As well as it being beneficial to preventing allergies, my clients have jumped on board with trying it to help with weight control, weight loss, hyperactivity, separation anxiety, behavioural issues & general fussy eating..all of which has been a success.

You can customise your pupperoos food based on breed, activeness, age, weight, health etc and 60% human grade meat cooked gently to preserve nutrients, including vegetables. What we also love love love about it is its delivered to our home which is a life saver with all my commitments. Its fabulous for enrichment using in kongs or lickimats too! :)

Butternut Box have kindly given me a unique link for my friends, family & clients to use which will give you 75% off your first order & a free bag of treats.. www.butternutbox.com/Muddypaws

Simply start building your box....

Once directed to the next page, your 75% off will be applied..your free treats will arrive with your box!

When you come towards the end of customising your pups plan, ignore the referred by a friend part, itll take off the discount! Your already using my link :)

Let me know if you try this for your furbaby and would love to hear how they get on!

Larissa from Muddypaws x


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