• Larissa Davies

How often should I walk my dog?

Most dog owners like to walk their dogs twice a day. That is great, however two long walks a day are not necessary in some cases.

Walking and running with your dog is a fantastic way of burning off some energy, time for them to sniff all those exciting scents and to do their toilets. They also have a lot of mental energy to burn, so a good playtime or couple of playtimes a day is a great way of burning off some energy and to focus their energy on something fun and positive!

Kong's and other food filled games go down a treat with dogs! It occupies them for hours and they use their brain a lot to engage with the activity. With my dogs and clients dogs, I like to hide treats around the home, garden or even out on a walk and find them together. Playing tug of war and fetch is also very fun for both you and your pet and it builds a positive bond between you and your pet. Of course for very active dogs, two walks a day may be completely necessary, whether it's long ones or half hour ones. I personally like to do a 1 hour walk or run with my own dogs and play time throughout the day or evening..both of my dogs are very active breeds!

If your pet is on a health and fitness plan through your vets, seek advice about how you often you should walk and run your pet.



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