• Larissa Davies

Do you have a poop roller? 🐶💩

There's nothing quite like having a dog that rolls in poop! At Muddypaws, we have that issue..quite a lot! 🤢

Dogs often roll in a horrid scent because they like the smell & want to take it home for everyone to share! Thanks pup..but did you know, wild animals and back years ago, poop rolling was a method used to disguise their own scent to protect themselves! For instance, a dog may/may have rolled in fox or wolf poo around their necks to mask their own scent so the preditor can only smell themselves & not the dog/prey.

Dogs also roll when being submissive to other dogs, trusting of other dogs or an act of defence when fighting.

If your dog is rolling around a lot more than usual, it may also be worth checking there are no irritations on their skin- seek veterinary advise if you notice any soreness, baldness or raised bumps.


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